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Rushville Installs AquaStorm Cloth Media Filters to Treat Combined Sewer Overflow Discharge Instead of Conventional Wet Weather Storage Tank

The City of Rushville, Indiana had to remedy a consent order filed in 2007 for its untreated combined sewer overflow (CSO) discharges that were polluting the Flatrock River, a violation of the Clean Water Act.

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Welcome to IES Southwest

Company Overview

IES Southwest was established in 1998 and provides capital equipment and customer support for the water and wastewater market in Arizona, New Mexico and Clark County, Nevada.

Our products and system technologies encompass total solutions for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary treatment including:

  • Aeration and Mixing
  • Activated Sludge Processes
  • Filtration
  • Disinfection
  • Solids Handling
  • Monitoring and Controls

We pride ourselves by proactively seeking and promoting innovative technologies, producing timely response to our customers and standing behind the products and services we provide with guaranteed customer service.